just tried to watch a blue ray on my work computer HAHAHA yeah right

dvd disk it is

I want you safe: calming websites



okay! so. here are some websites that i’ve found helpful, as distractions or deterrents from anxiety and/or sadness.

i hope some of these are helpful bc you deserve to feel relaxed and calm! if you know of any other helpful sites, please feel free to reblog and add them in! :3

I love the dress-up games on Azalea’s Dolls/Doll Divine. Those help me calm down.

Another game is Flow (or Flow Free). I find the colors really soothing, especially playing the game on my iPhone. The action of tracing the colors with your finger is calming.

I also listen to the Indian Classical Music station on Pandora. I’ve always loved the sound of the sitar; it’s very mystical and meditative. Here is my Pandora station, sacred river.

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